Heat Pumps in Manor, TX

If you’d enjoy having an AC system that reverses and brings heat into your home in winter, using heat pumps in Manor, TX we can arrange that! We’re Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating, number one in area comfort solutions including heat pumps for homes. We install, repair, and maintain these convenient systems which use principles similar to air conditioning. Instead of just cooling, though, they extract heat from outdoor air, even in cold weather. You get energy-efficient heating and cooling together in one unit, for easy maintenance and a single equipment investment in Manor.

Expert Repair of Heat Pumps in Manor

Our expert HVAC technicians have up-to-date training and experience on heat pump technology as well as AC units. They’re similar in operation, but heat pumps for homes need to efficiently distribute heat as well as cooling. Key components such as the reversing valve provide the change from warming your home to cooling it. At Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating, we keep the right tools and parts for most heat pump repairs in our vehicles.

Catching problems early helps avoid breakdown of heat pumps, so call us for:
  • Unexpected energy bill spikes
  • Unusual noises or leaks
  • Failure to reach the thermostat setting
  • Clicking without starting, or “short cycling”

We stay prepared for fast fixes and efficient repairs when you notice something’s not right with your heat pump and call.

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  • Blue Ribbon fixed the AC on our house. They knew exactly what it was just by a phone call description and brought the parts with them. We had it fixed…


Professional Installation of Heat Pumps for Homes in Manor

Consolidating your heating and cooling into a single, convenient system is a great way to improve your budget. New installation heat pump costs may be somewhat more than straight AC, but a heat pump definitely offers an improvement over having a furnace and AC combination. Our team can install heat pumps for homes using existing ductwork, or provide a new installation for your home to replace furnaces and window AC units. If you’re planning new construction, let’s talk about heat pump simplicity! Our experts can explain the details of heat pump operation, energy efficiency ratings, and how they can make a difference in your year-round energy budget.

Skilled Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular maintenance is another area where you can save with heat pumps for homes. Our technicians take care of both your heating and cooling maintenance at the same time. We clean, tune-up, test, and inspect your heat pump for efficient, reliable operation. Maintenance covers everything from the compressor and evaporator coils to the electrical components including air handling. Since the unit operates year-round, we recommend twice-yearly maintenance.

Efficient heating and cooling from heat pumps simplifies your life and your budget in Manor. Call Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating for service today!


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