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At Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating, we’re proud to provide the best HVAC services in Pflugerville, TX. Our team can handle every heating and cooling challenge in your home or business, and that’s only the beginning. We stay on the cutting edge with specialties in areas like indoor air quality management, as well.

HVAC Repair

HVAC Repair

A new HVAC installation has a hefty cost of entry, so it’s often ideal to repair your systems instead. If an appliance isn’t working right and you’ve had it for less than ten years, there should still be plenty of life in it. Odds are, there are one or two specific issues that an HVAC expert can repair in no time and have the system working as good as new. Not to mention, repair helps keep the metal and plastic of your system out of a landfill and helps the environment. Whenever fixing an appliance is an option, it’s a great way to save money and live a greener life while doing so.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

See what our clients have to say about our residential HVAC service!

  • The office called me with updates on time delays regarding my appointment. When the technician did arrive, he was professional and thorough. He fixed our current problem and even discussed…


  • I had a bad experience with my former HVAC company. My neighbor recommended Blue Ribbon. Their technician was very professional and gave me real answers to my questions and concerns.…


  • Blue Ribbon fixed the AC on our house. They knew exactly what it was just by a phone call description and brought the parts with them. We had it fixed…


Premium HVAC installation

While repair is a great choice, HVAC installation has many advantages of its own. The technology behind heating and cooling systems is constantly developing further, and you’ll see the difference when you upgrade. If your current systems never quite made things comfortable in the summer or winter, a more potent, modern model might do the job. On top of that, it should perform better while using less electricity, which is a boon to the environment and your wallet.

In the long-term, your energy savings can even go so far as to make the installation cost-efficient unto itself. At Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating, our heating and cooling expertise ensure we can make complicated technical language simple and help you make the right choice. Reach out to us to make your Pflugerville home as comfortable as you and your family deserve it to be.

It may be time to replace your HVAC system if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Strange noises during operation
  • Unpleasant smells coming from the unit
  • Unexplained rising electric bills
  • Weak airflow or poor heating/cooling

HVAC Maintenance You Can Trust

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then HVAC maintenance from Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating must be valuable indeed. Regular, preventative maintenance goes a long way in preventing emergencies from happening in the first place. Waiting until your HVAC or ductless system starts having issues can reduce its overall lifespan, whereas maintenance can catch issues early and keep everything running smoothly. A solid long-term maintenance plan is one of the best ways to get the utmost value out of your AC, furnace, or heat pump. However, emergencies can strike even when you’ve prepared well. No matter your need, we can help in no time.

Whether you need heating repairs, heating maintenance, or fresh heating installation, we can be there in an emergency and get everything back on track. We offer outstanding air conditioning repair, AC maintenance and AC installation as well!

When you need HVAC service in Pflugerville during the the Texas heat or a chilly winter, Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating is always ready for an emergency. Give us a call if you’re looking for outstanding HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance.


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