Air Conditioner Installation in Austin, TX

For air conditioner installation in Austin, TX, now is the time to reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable, NATE-certified technicians at Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating. Austin’s hottest period of the year runs from June through September, and some days can be sweltering hot. During these months, Austin’s temperatures average around 90 degrees F but can climb to 100 degrees F or more, underscoring the need for a superior home cooling system.

At Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating, we’re happy to provide quality AC installation to help you face the looming Texas heat with confidence.

Is It Time for AC Installation?

Some signs your old AC may be on the way out can be strong indicators that it’s time to call for AC installation or replacement. You may need to consider a new cooling system if your existing system:

  • Is 15+ years old
  • Experiences frequent breakdowns
  • Operates noisily
  • Emits bad odors
  • Isn’t energy efficient
  • Has limited airflow
  • Provides uneven cooling
  • Needs excessive repairs

As the highly trained, experienced, and qualified AC technicians with Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating can attest, when an AC unit hits the 15-year-mark, breakdowns become the norm. What was sold to you as the latest, greatest, and best AC system 15 or even 20 years ago was exactly that—at the time. But systems built that long ago were built to live up to the standards of the time. Like any product, AC units have become more efficient with improvements in their design that help reduce operating costs while increasing performance.

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With age comes the inevitable decline in AC performance. Wear and tear tend to be cumulative with AC systems, and your unit may take longer to cool the home, fail to cool the home evenly or struggle to keep up when intense heat prevails. Higher cooling costs are associated with older and malfunctioning air conditioners, since the decline in deficiency results in the system working harder to compensate and drawing more electricity to power the unit.

You may also hear your AC system grind, chatter, or squeak if it has a problem. A properly functioning AC system should operate at a barely detectable noise level. Noises are indicative of a potentially costly repair on the horizon. The same is true of foul odors. If your AC unit is putting out anything other than neutral-smelling air—including a burning or smoky odor—seek immediate help from a qualified HVAC technician.

Similarly, an aging AC may experience sudden breakdowns that cost a significant amount of money to repair. In some instances, repairs may be so costly that the feasible thing is to opt for new air conditioner installation. As a rule, if a single repair costs half of what a new system costs, it’s usually wiser to just go for the new installation.

Fast and Dependable Air Conditioner Installation in Austin

Don’t face the Texas heat without the best possible AC in place to help you weather the days ahead. Our team is ready to help with AC installation—we offer also offer a full range of HVAC and heating and cooling services, including repair, replacement, and maintenance of your AC system.

For air conditioner installation or furnace installation in Austin, breathe a bit easier knowing the skilled team of HVAC pros with Blue Ribbon Cooling & Heating has your back. Give us a call now to schedule fast, friendly, dependable service.


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